This job administers the process of ensuring all contractors and vendors of the Authority maintain proper evidence of insurance throughout the contract period, administer same for all cellular lease agreements (including subcontractors’ insurance), administer red light ticket violations, school bus violations, speed camera violations, and data entry into the risk management information system (RMIS). It is the responsibility of the person in this position to gather all supporting information from the Authority’s numerous departments, contractors, or insurance brokers to administer the above functions. The Authority initiates approximately one hundred seventy (170) contracts per year. In addition, at any during the year, there are approximately three hundred (300) outstanding contracts or agreements in effect.

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Full Time

Risk Management



Essential (Primary) Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Review new contract requirements against the insurance certificates provided; correct any discrepancies as needed. 
  • Input and track contractors’ and vendors’ insurance coverage in SCWA’s SAP software system.
  • Monitor insurance of existing contracts.
  • Communicate with members of the purchasing department, contractors and brokers, as well as SCWA staff members from other departments.
  • Responsible for ensuring all contractor policies are continuously in force until the contract is complete. 
  • Run monthly reports to determine which insurance policies will soon expire; inform contractors that a renewal certificate will be required by the expiration date shown on the policy.
  • Record and monitor miscellaneous agreements in SAP or within an Excel spreadsheet and administer compliance of SCWA’s insurance requirements for these agreements.
  • Follow-up with the brokers or contractors to ascertain that proof of coverage is received.
  • Track how many Owners and Contractors Protective Liability policies are issued annually and the cost of the individual policy as well as the cost in the aggregate. 
  • Input general liability and auto liability insurance into the risk management information system.
  • Administer claims as directed by the Risk Manager or Director of Risk Management.
  • Enter legal invoices into the internal Risk Management and Auto Access database system.
  • Track SCWA drivers involved in any red-light camera violations; draft form letters to invoice the employee for fines; follow up with drivers as necessary.
  • Filing, ordering of supplies, and handling and distributing the mail.
  • All other duties as assigned.



  • High School Diploma required, Associate’s degree or better preferred.
  • 1-2 years’ experience working in general insurance, 2-5 years’ experience with claims administration preferred.
  • Working knowledge of SAP.
  • Proficiency in MS Word, and Excel
  • Possess good written communication and organizational skills.

Applicant’s typical work schedule will be Monday - Friday 8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Salary for this position will be commensurate with education and experience within a range of $60-70k.

Interested candidates should submit their application and resume via the SCWA website ( and click on “Career Opportunities”. Suffolk County residence is highly preferred.

(The Authority shall not employ relatives of employees as defined to mean an employee's spouse, child, stepchild, stepparent or direct descendant of grandparents of the employee as defined in the New York State General Municipal Law 810.)