This Water Availability Inquiry is to be used for the following scenarios:
  • If you are building a new residential property and want information on connecting to SCWA water
  • If you are currently on a well and want information on switching over to SCWA water
  • If you are maintaining your well, building a new well or upgrading your septic system and need a “distance to the nearest main” letter of availability for your Department of Health application
  • Commercial or residential properties that need a water availability letter for the Department of Health application (not required for existing residential SCWA customers).
*If you already have service with SCWA and are moving to a new location in Suffolk County or if you are moving into a new house that already has service and want to transfer the account into your name, see Moving In/Out? Let Us Know!
*Commercial premises looking for pricing will need to file a backflow application with the Cross Connection Department