The best water on Earth. Naturally.

Long Island's aquifer is the sole source of all our water.

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A reasonable price.

Long Island’s aquifer, the sole source of all of our drinking water, is our most precious resource, and to help protect it, we’ve changed the way we charge for water.

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Constantly tested.

SCWA's internal standards for water quality and testing far exceed federal and state regulations. Last year, SCWA tested for the presense of 400 compunds. That's 251 more than required by law.

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Money back in your pocket.

Qualify for a $50 credit on your SCWA account just by purchasing water-saving devices.

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Proactive Treatment.

Click here for an update from SCWA on 1,4-Dioxane, PFOA & PFOS.

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The Suffolk County Impact


The Lab tests for 400 compounds, which is 251 more than required by our regulators.


SCWA's Laboratory instruments can test down to Parts Per Trillion. To get an idea, one ppt would be represented by a single drop of food coloring in 18 million gallons of water. Another way to view it as representing a single second out of 32,000 years.


SCWA has just under 6,000 miles of water main in the ground throughout our service territory. Laid out end to end, that's enough main to stretch from Suffolk to Siberia.

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Join us for lively, open public discussion and protect our water supply.
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Mapping Long Island's groundwater and drinking water quality.
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