Application for Service

Written applications will be accepted subject to there being an existing main in a street or right-of-way abutting on the premises to be served, but acceptance shall in no way obligate the Authority to extend its mains to serve the premises excepting as provided in the rules relating to extension of mains. A separate application must be made for each premises. A customer initiation fee of $30.00 will be required for a change of responsibility in addition to other water related service fees.

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As security for payment of bills, the Authority may require of any applicant or any customer to whom it may be supplying water a deposit equal to one-half the estimated annual bill. When application for water service is made, the applicant shall agree to guarantee payment to the Authority of a quarterly minimum charge, whether or not service is rendered for that period. As a guarantee of such payment, the Authority will require the developer, prospective owner, or tenant to make a deposit in accordance with Section 3 of Authority's Rules and Regulations.

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Tapping Fees

A tapping fee of three thousand two hundred dollars ($3,200.00) will be charged for a 1" service installation. In consideration of this fee, the Authority will, at its expense, install the service pipe and service connection between the main and property line on both public and private streets. Easements acceptable to the Authority must be furnished to it for service installations on private streets. Schedules of tapping fees for larger service installations are available upon request.

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Maintenance and Replacement

The Authority will, at its expense, maintain and, when necessary, replace any service pipe and service connections from the main to the property line on all public and private streets.

Service pipe and service connections shall not be trespassed upon nor interfered with in any respect. The curb stop may not be used by the customer for turning on or shutting off the water supply but is for the exclusive use of the Authority.

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Service on Applicant's Property

At his or her own expense, the applicant shall install the service pipe from the approximate property line to the premises and also install a valve to be located preferably on the riser on the outlet side of the meter, permitting control of the water supply by the customer. Should the water meter be located outside, then the valve should be located just inside the building wall. At the expense of the customer, this property shall be maintained and, when necessary, replaced. For this installation and maintenance thereof, the customer shall employ a licensed plumber and all work shall be performed in a manner satisfactory to the Authority. The minimum size, materials, depth of cover and method of construction shall be the same as hereinafter specified for a service pipe installed by the Authority. If any defects in workmanship or materials are found, or if the customer's service pipe has not been installed in accordance with such specifications, or with the Authority's requirements, water service either will not be turned on, or will be discontinued if such defects are not remedied.

Service will not be initiated by the Authority until the service pipe and service connections from the premises to the street have been installed in a manner satisfactory to the Authority. Before installation of the Authority's portion of the water service can be scheduled, a sketch should be furnished indicating measurements from the corners of the building to the end of the service pipe at the property line. If a meter is installed in the building, a male adapter should be installed on the end of the service line in the building.

The New Service Department must be contacted for an inspection of service before backfilling the trench.

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Service Pipe - Specifications

All service pipes shall have a minimum cover of four and one-half (4-1/2) feet, except in cases where groundwater levels are such as to make such cover impractical. When groundwater conditions make four and one-half (4-1/2) feet ground cover impractical, service should be laid in at least one foot of groundwater, and in no case, with less than forty inches ground cover. All service pipe shall not be less in size than 1 inch inside diameter and shall be of U.S. Government Specification Type K soft tempered copper tubing. For services larger than two (2) inches in diameter, ductile iron pipe of quality equal to the standards of the American Water Works Association and any applicable regulations, and of weight suitable for service under a pressure equivalent to at least 150 pounds per square inch, shall be used. The Authority reserves the right in all cases to stipulate the location, size and type of service connection to be used. The Authority will accept drinking water approved PVC pipe in certain applications in conjunction with a meter vault. Contact the New Service Department for details.

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Frost Provision

The Authority shall not be required to install any service line and service connections between November 15th and April 15th, except by special arrangement, in which case the customer shall pay for the excess over normal costs.

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Installation of Meters

An individual meter shall be required for each premises and for each separate service connection to a premises.

The Authority reserves the right in all cases to stipulate the size, type and make of the meter to be used on any connection.

The meter shall be located at a convenient point approved by the Authority so as to protect the meter and to measure the entire supply of water through the connection.

The meter will be set at or near the property line in a meter vault.

When a building is constructed so that its front coincides with the property line of a public street, the meter will be set within the territorial limits of the public street. Meter housings located in public streets will be maintained and, when necessary, replaced at the expense of the Authority.

All meters and meter connections and remote reading devices shall at all times remain the sole property of the Authority, and shall not be interfered with in any respect. All meters will be maintained by and at the expense of the Authority so far as ordinary wear and tear are concerned, but the customer will be held responsible for damages due to freezing, hot water, or other external causes. In case of damage the Authority will repair the meter, if necessary, replacing it with another meter, and the costs shall be paid by the customer. The Authority will be installing a dual check valve in the meter setting. This will prevent any back-flow through the meter. It is the customer's responsibility to ensure his or her plumbing and heating systems are properly protected against high pressure.

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Back-Flow Prevention Devices

The Authority requires complete containment of water on the customer's property by use of an approved back-flow device where a potential hazard exists. Specific information is available at the New Service Department.

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Upon receipt of an application for a new service or for the reinstatement of an existing service, the Authority will assume that the piping and fixtures which the service will supply are in proper order to receive same, and the Authority will not be liable in any event for any accident, breaks, or leakage arising in any connection with the supply of water or failure to supply same.

The Authority undertakes to use reasonable care and diligence to provide a constant supply of water at a reasonable pressure to customers but reserves the right, at any time, without notice, to shut off the water in its mains for the purpose of making repairs or extensions, or for other purposes. It is expressly agreed that the Authority shall not be liable for deficiency or failure in the supply of water or the pressure thereof for any cause whatsoever, nor for any damage caused thereby, or by the bursting or breaking of any main or service pipe or any attachment to the Authority's property. All applicants having boilers upon their premises depending upon the pressure in the Authority's pipes to keep them supplied are cautioned against danger of collapse, and all such damage shall be borne exclusively by the applicant.

In those cases where a customer-owned main or service pipe is frozen, the thawing shall be done at the expense of the customer. To prevent a recurrence of freezing, the Authority may order an examination of the customer's service pipe or main, and if the same is not at a depth of four and one half (4-1/2) feet as required, the Authority reserves the right to require it to be so relocated before service is resumed.

When water service has been disconnected by order of the customer, or for infraction of Authority rules, and service is again desired by the same customer, a charge as detailed in the Miscellaneous Fees section to follow will be made for restoration of service, unless by the willful act of the customer the discontinuance involves the shutting off or disconnecting of service pipe at the Authority's main, in which case the charge to the customer for restoration of service will be the actual cost incident to disconnection and reconnection of service pipe.

A late charge of one and one half percent (1 1/2%) per month shall be applied to all outstanding quarterly water bills, including late charges, rendered in excess of forty-five (45) days.

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Rules for Extension of Water Mains

Rules and Regulations pertaining to extension of water mains are available at the regional offices, and a manager will be glad to explain same to an applicant.

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Minimum Bill-The minimum quarterly bill for service hereunder shall be billed to the customer in advance:

Service Classification No. 1A - Monthly

Monthly service available to any large volume customers. Bills computed at one-third of the rate listed under Classification No. 1 (above). Rate schedule No. lA will be furnished on request.


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Unabridged Rules and Regulations

Complete rate schedules, including detailed rules and regulations, are on file at each office of the Authority and are open to public inspection during office hours. Our regional manager will be glad to discuss with you rates and regulations pertaining to your requirements for water service or fire protection. Rules, regulations and rates are subject to change at the discretion of the Authority.

2045 Route 112, Suite 5
Coram, NY  11727

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Current Rate Schedule*

Quarterly Rate Schedule effective April 1, 2020
Tier 1 $1.518 per 100 Cubic Feet  or  $ $2.028 per 1,000 Gallons
Tier 2 $2.190 per 100 Cubic Feet  or  $ $2.925 per 1,000 Gallons over threshold below
$27.91 Service Charge Per Quarter


Meter Size

Tier 2 Threshold (Gallons)

Tier 2 Threshold (CCF)










1 1/2"



















* The rates quoted above do not apply to special rate districts and Fire Island and Shelter Island customers.

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Other Charges**

Collection Charge


Restoration/Move-In Charges


8.30 AM - 6:30 PM Monday thru Friday, Saturday 8:00 AM - 2:30 PM


Monday thru Friday after 6:30 PM, Saturday after 2:30 PM, Sundays & Holidays


Installation of Meter


Monday thru Friday after 6:30 PM, Saturday after 2:30 PM, Sundays & Holidays


Tampering Fee

Up to $650.00

Special Meter Test


Uncollectible Check Processing


Service Initiation Fee



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Additional Miscellaneous Fees

**The charges quoted above do not apply to service on Fire Island. Our Call Center (631-698-9500) can provide information on Fire Island service charges.