Hydrant Flushing Program

This map displays the locations of hydrants currently being flushed by SCWA crews in real time, as well as the last three days of hydrant flushing locations. To see if there is hydrant flushing close to your home, expand the map or simply type in your address in the search bar below.

Under our flushing program, fire hydrants are opened in order to remove any sediments that may have collected within our pipes to ensure that you always have the highest quality water. The program also allows us to check to make sure that hydrants function properly and that a sufficient water supply is available for fire protection.

Flushing operations close to your home may be responsible for temporary lower water pressure, discolored water and/or water collecting in the street on which maintenance is being performed. These conditions should be temporary. Rusty or discolored water is a result of this flushing process. It is primarily natural iron and other solid matter stirred up into the water. It is not harmful to your health. If you experience discolored water, please know that it should last only for the day on which work is conducted in your neighborhood. If you do experience discolored water and your laundry is stained as a result, try rewashing the clothes using more detergent and add rust remover. It is not advisable to attempt to bleach clothes or put them in the dryer.



07/18/24 - 07/19/24:   Flushing Water Mains

We are flushing water mains on various streets in East Northport. Depending upon weather conditions and/or emergencies, this message may be revised due to updated information.