Water Wise Account Credits

In an effort to help our customers conserve water, SCWA offers customer account credits of up to $50 for the purchase of water-saving devices.

Total credit may not exceed the purchase price of the device(s). Multiple devices can be combined, but the maximum credit per account is $50.

The credit applies only to the water-saving device itself, not any additional installation or labor costs.

Qualifying devices are:

1) Smart irrigation controllers

2) Rain sensors 

3) EPA WaterSense low-flow showerheads

4) Faucet aerators

5) Smart Service Leak Detecting Valve


To submit a request for an account credit:

Fill out and submit the form below.  Be sure to attach your original receipt for the device(s).


Water Wise Credit Application Form

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What is a Water Wise Checkup?

A SCWA Water Wise Checkup is a one-on-one consultation between you, the homeowner, and one of our water use experts. Our expert will ask a series of questions about your home to estimate your daily total water use.

Water Wise Checkups identify each point of water use within and around your home and estimate the quantity of water used at each of these points. The goal is to identify and quantify unaccountable water losses, ultimately providing you with a road map for potential savings.

Our water expert will show you exactly how much water you used last quarter and can compare that to your past usage numbers as well as usage for the average customer in the area.

Schedule Your Checkup

To schedule your free Water Wise Checkup, call (631) 292-6101 or fill out the form below and click "Submit".

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