Terms and Conditions for the SCWA Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment Program

The Suffolk County Water Authority's (the "SCWA") Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment Program (EBPP) authorizes SCWA to provide your water bill to you electronically and pay your water bill through direct debits from your designated checking or savings account. You are authorizing SCWA to send all future water bills electronically to the email address you provide. In this case, you will no longer receive a paper bill from the SCWA via US mail.
In addition, by providing us with your banking information and agreeing to these terms and conditions, you authorize us to follow the payment instructions (one time payment or pre-authorized auto draft payment)that we receive through the EBPP. When we receive a payment instruction, you authorize us to debit your bank account and obtain funds on your behalf so that the funds arrive as close to the business day designated by you as reasonably possible. You also authorize the financial institution that holds your bank account to debit your account.
You agree to review each water bill you receive for any possible errors. If you inform SCWA that an error may exist on your bill, SCWA will attempt to correct that error in a timely manner. Under federal law you have the right to delay or stop a payment instruction provided you give your financial institution notice of at least three business days before the schedule debit date (the payment due date). The actual settlement date (the date the ACH transaction occurs against your identified account) should be no earlier than three days before the payment due date on your bill. You agree that you are participating in this program at your own risk. SCWA shall not be liable for any losses or damages of any kind that you may incur as a result of an error in your bill or due to any varying in the actual date your account is debited.
You agree to be bound by any rules your bank requires for pre-authorized electronic funds transfers. Your bank's policies will determine if any additional charges will apply to your account and how the debit charges will appear on your banking statement. If the debit for your water bill does not occur for any reason including, but not limited to, insufficient funds, a closed account, changed financial information, or unauthorized debits, your SCWA payment will not be processed. In addition, you may be subject to additional charges by SCWA and/or your bank if the bank rejects or reverses the debit payment.
Your participation in the SCWA's EBPP is subject to SCWA's approval. It is your sole responsibility to ensure that your email address and banking information is accurate. The SCWA will do everything reasonable to maintain the integrity and security of all electronic information. By using this service, you, as the user, agree to expressly limit the SCWA from any and all liability for any direct, indirect, incidental, special or consequential damages, or damages for loss of profits, revenue, data or use, incurred by you as the user. You understand and agree that SCWA reserves the right, upon notification, to terminate your participation in this program at any time without cause or for any reason.