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The Long Island Commission for Aquifer Protection (LICAP) presents the historic, GIS-based water quality mapping and database known as WaterTraq.

The program, the first of its kind in New York State, allows public water providers the ability to track potential threats in the water supply and supply information to the public and regulators. Vital information about drinking water quality will now be available to the public.

WaterTraq combines interactive maps with data from spreadsheets in an effort to paint a clearer picture of the status of Long Island groundwater for health officials, industry professionals and the general public.

Users can set search parameters that will allow them to look up specific contaminant levels for lead, iron, volatile organic chemicals, nitrates and other compounds to see the state of the Aquifer. WaterTraq also allows the user to overlay topography, boundaries and contours to show the depth to groundwater.  WaterTraq will provide both untreated (raw) water test results and treated water that is sent to customers.

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