Hydrant Flushing Program

SCWA conducts its Hydrant Flushing program throughout our system year round. Under the program, fire hydrants are opened in order to remove sediment, reduce rust complaints and improve water quality. It is also a test of a hydrant’s operation to ensure a sufficient water supply is available for fire protection.  Areas are flushed by zip code on a predetermined schedule.

Be advised hydrant flushing can cause temporary “rusty” water conditions, so SCWA recommends you avoid doing laundry, especially whites, during this time if possible. If you do experience “rusty” water coming from your sink, we recommend you let the water run at a steady stream for 10 -15 minutes until it becomes clear again.  Any temporary discoloration is the result of excess iron in the water. It is not harmful to your health.



04/06/21 - 04/06/21:   Hydrant Flow Tests

There will be Water Flow Tests at various hydrant locations on Montauk Highway c/o Evergreen Ave. The potential impact area may experience temporary rusty water conditions. Depending upon field conditions, additional testing on surrounding streets may be required.


03/29/21 - 04/24/21:   Flushing Water Mains

We are flushing water mains on various streets in Ronkonkoma. Depending upon weather conditions and/or emergencies, this message may be revised due to updated information.