Thank you for visiting the Suffolk County Water Authority’s website. We hope you’ll find the information on the SCWA website useful, but if we can provide any further assistance, please call us at 631-698-9500.

Ensuring the safety of the drinking water we serve to 1.2 million Suffolk residents is our top priority. Our water is exhaustively tested by our chemists around the clock and at a higher frequency than required by state and federal regulators. We test for 238 more chemical compounds and maintain higher internal standards for water quality than regulations require. Our water, regulated by the United States Environmental Protection Agency, is held to stricter health standards than bottled water, regulated by the FDA.

As an organization that is dedicated to continuous improvement, we have undertaken several initiatives that have made our operations more efficient and enhanced the customer experience. We just completed—early and under budget—the system-wide deployment of Automated Meter Reading (AMR) technology. This means efficient and accurate billing, while reducing our carbon footprint.  We are also going paperless via mobile workforce technology. Mobile technology is expediting our response to service calls, water mains breaks and work orders. Our goal is excellent customer service and having real time information is critical to achieving that goal.

SCWA has two AAA bond ratings—the highest ratings of any water supplier in New York State—and one of the lowest water rates in the country. Lower borrowing costs enable us to make vital capital investments to our infrastructure, such as the replacement of old water mains, expanded water service, enhanced water treatment, and the construction of new storage tanks to ensure an ample drinking water supply.

Over the course of the past year, we have demonstrated our expertise by:

 �           Addressing the threat of emerging contaminants by designing and building New York State’s first full-scale Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP) treatment system to remove 1,4-dioxane from drinking water.

 �         Installing 45,000 feet of new water mains in Wainscott in just four months to bring safe SCWA water to residents formerly supplied by private wells contaminated by PFOS/PFOA.

 �         Constructing a new two million gallon storage tank in record time to ensure residents on the North Fork have the water they need.

Every day, SCWA strives to provide the best service and the best water to our customers. Please contact us with any questions you may have about your water, your bill or any other aspect of our operations.

-Patrick G. Halpin, Chairman