When water service to any premises is requested to be turned on, Suffolk County Water Authority (SCWA) requires the customer/someone 18 years of age to be at the premises to ensure that the plumbing inside the premises is not on or leaking.

If the customer wants the SCWA to turn on water service when no one is at the premises, the customer must sign this release of liability form and certify that all faucets at the premises are off or that the main valve to the premises' internal plumbing is off.

By submitting the form below you hereby request that the SCWA turn on the water service at the premises referenced below without anyone representing me being present at the time the water is turned on. I certify that all of the plumbing fixtures at the premises are in the off position or that there is a main plumbing valve at the entrance to the premises that is in the off position. I understand and agree that the SCWA shall not be liable for any damages resulting from the turn on of water at the premises when no one is at the premises to check the internal plumbing.

Premise Address:

Contact Information:

Note: The SCWA undertakes to use reasonable care and diligence when restoring water service. If the meter to the premises appears to be spinning in a manner that indicates that water is on inside the premises or that there is a leak, the water will be shut off, and you will have to reschedule the turn on for a time when someone is at the premises.