The Suffolk County Water Authority extends water mains to serve new customers only if the customers who take service from the main extension pay the costs of the main extension. Each such customer must pay a pro-ratable portion of the cost of extending the main up front or over a period of time, which could be up to ten years in certain cases. If the costs are paid over a period of time, the Water Authority establishes a surcharge for the main extension which continues until the cost of installing the main is paid in full.

Each new customer that applies for water service along a main extension where a surcharge has been established is responsible for paying the surcharge. A new customer includes any customer who requests service for any property located along the subject main extension, including someone purchasing a house already connected to a water main with an established surcharge. If you are purchasing a house or other property in Suffolk County, the Water Authority strongly recommends that you contact us before you close on the property to determine if there is an existing surcharge for the water main serving the property. In many cases the seller has agreed to pay the total remaining amount due on the surcharge if the house is sold. However, if the seller does not pay the remaining balance, the surcharge continues, and you, the purchaser, must pay the remaining surcharge if water service is desired. To determine if a surcharge exists for the water main serving a particular house or property, please provide the following information:

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