Online Billing - Frequently Asked Questions

How do I pay my bill online?

There are two options for paying your bill online:

Option 1: Set up auto pay.

Option 2: Make a one-time payment.


Option 1: Set up auto pay

*All customers that had auto pay setup before 10/24/18 must re-register for auto pay within the new SCWA online billing system*

In order to utilize this method you need to sign up for online billing at this link. To enroll, you will need your security code found at the top of your SCWA bill.

Once you’re logged in:

  • Click on Manage Payment Accounts in the menu. (You must create a payment method first).
  • Enter bank account, credit card or debit card information.


Bank Account

Account Nickname:

Account Owner First and Last Name:

Account Type:

Account Number:

Routing Transit Number:


Credit/Debit Card

Account Nickname:

Account Owner First and Last Name:

Card Number:

Expiration date

Zip/Postal Code


To link your payment to an auto-pay account:

  • Click  Manage AutoPay in the menu.
  • Click Add AutoPay button. 
  • Select your billing account and payment account.
  • Configure the payment period details.
  • Configure the payment option details.
  • Click Submit.

Please Note: Adding an automatic payment plan will only affect new bills.  Any outstanding bills already in the system will need to be paid manually.


Option 2: Make a one-time payment

Click here to make a one-time payment (You will need your security code and premise zip code.)

Other Payment Methods:

  • Phone (Automated System) – 877-204-2507
  • US Mail:          Suffolk County Water Authority

                                    PO BOX 9044

                                    Hicksville, NY 11802-3147

Please include your payment stub


SCWA Walk-In Center – 2045 Route 112, Suite 5

                                         Coram, NY 11727

Click here for office hours.


Can I edit or cancel automatic payments?

Yes. To edit an existing automatic payment, click on menu to the left, then click on Manage AutoPay under Payment Options. In the Manage AutoPay screen, click the Edit button found in the Action column. You can then edit the configuration settings.

To cancel an automatic payment, click the Cancel button in the Action column.

Please Note: Changes to your automatic payment configuration will only affect new bills.  Any scheduled payments will remain active. 


Can I schedule a future payment?

Yes. To schedule a payment for a future date, click on Schedule a Payment in the menu to the left. The payment can only be scheduled up to the due date. You will be shown a list of outstanding invoices. Using the checkboxes, select what bills you would like to pay and click Pay Selected. You will be provided with a summary of the balance due and the bills. Then select how you would like to pay and either pay as soon as possible or enter a date in the future (but not after the due date). Then, click Submit, review the payment summary, and then click Submit again to schedule the payment.


How do I edit a scheduled payment?

To edit a scheduled payment, click on the menu to the left, and then navigate to Payment History under Payment Options. Above the list of Historical Payments, you will see an option to filter payments by status. Filter your payments to only include scheduled payments. Find the payment you wish to edit and click Edit in the action column.

You will be able to edit the following: payment account, payment date and payment amount.