May 19, 2023 02:00 PM

The Suffolk County Water Authority launched a new conservation web portal to provide its customers with important information on ways they can save water. The web page congregates information on the SCWA website and provides additional resources for users. It’s part of a renewed effort at SCWA to encourage its customers to reduce their water usage to protect Long Island’s precious aquifer for future generations.

“As Suffolk County’s largest water provider, we understand that we have a special responsibility to be careful stewards of the aquifer,” said Charles Lefkowitz, Chairman of the SCWA Board. “This portal is an effective way for us to spread the message on the most effective actions our customers can take. That includes, following our odd/even lawn watering policy and taking advantage of our rebate program for purchasing water saving devices.”

In January, the SCWA board adopted a multi-phase water conservation plan and a set of new policies that bolster its conservation efforts. SCWA now requires that all customers follow an odd/even lawn watering schedule. Customers with homes or businesses with an odd numbered street address should only water their lawns on odd numbered calendar days; those with even numbered street addresses on even numbered calendar days. SCWA now also offers enhanced credits for customers who purchase water saving devices such as smart controllers which properly time automatic lawn watering and adjust based on the weather. Customers can now receive up to $250 in credits every three years.

“The conservation web portal is an exciting opportunity for SCWA to be at the forefront of water conservation, not just in New York but in the entire northeast region,” added Jeffrey Szabo, CEO. “Over time, we plan to expand the page even further with helpful tutorials and interactive information that gives users exactly what they need. It’s an opportunity to save money on your bill
and do the right thing for Long Island’s environment.”

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