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Residential Customer Application


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Residential Customer Application

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Property Address:
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Please attach (1) proof of residency before service initiation. (Below are the acceptable documents for owners and tenants)
  • Owners: Copy of deed (first and last page), Mortgage statement, Insurance binder, Recent tax statement or Contract to purchase
  • Tenants: Proof of lease agreement


Application is hereby made to the Suffolk County Water Authority to supply water service. The applicant agrees to take and pay for water service according to the Rules and Regulations of the Authority at the described property as shown on this application.

The applicant further agrees to give prompt written notice to the Authority in the event the applicant desires to discontinue water service. Failure to do so will render applicant liable to the Authority for all water charges assessed against the subject premises until such time as actual written notice is received by the Authority.

If the Authority paid for the water main under the footage allowance and the applicant fails to take water service within one (1) year from the date the main extension is placed in service, all connection fees will be forfeited as liquidated damages. If the applicant applies for water at a later date, all connecting fees in effect at the time of application shall be paid.


It is agreed that the applicable tapping fee for residential customers may be paid in full or in the amount of fifty (50%) percent upon the making of a residential application, with the remaining fifty (50%) percent to be paid in eight equal quarterly installments. The installment payments shall include an interest charge equal to the interest rate currently in effect according to the Rules and Regulations of the Authority. Said quarterly payments will be added to the quarterly water bill. It is understood that water service is contingent upon payment by the applicant of all connection fees and/or any required surcharge assessments for water main installation and proper installation of water service in the applicant's property. Residential customer, for this purpose, shall be defined as owner occupied residence for a 1" service who is converting from a private water system to public supply.

When application for water service is made, the applicant shall agree to guarantee payment to the Authority of a quarterly minimum charge, according to meter size, whether or not service is rendered for that period.