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Indoor Tips


Year Round Occupancy:

Do I have to do any indoor maintenance before winter arrives?
If water service is in the boiler room or basement, check area for broken windows or drafts. Brisk winds and freezing temperatures can cause pipes and water meters to freeze or break. Locate main shutoff valve for emergency use. Make sure pipes in unheated areas, such as crawl spaces are insulated.


During freezing temperature, will the service line between the street and house freeze?
It is possible for the line to freeze. If the customer's service line freezes, it is the responsibility of the customer to have the line thawed.

What should I do if I experience interruption of service?
Call the Water Authority. Interruption of water can be caused by main breaks, maintenance of mains, temporary demands caused by fires or freezing pipes. A customer service representative will be dispatched to investigate.

Will my meter freeze?
Meters housed in vaults at the property line are protected from freezing. However, meters in unheated inside locations can freeze and cause flooding if not winterized.

Seasonal Occupancy:

I have a premise that is not used in the winter. Should I do anything?
Water should be shut-off and the faucets inside and outside the house and sprinkler systems should be drained.

Is there a charge to turn the water off?
No, but there is a $60.00 reconnect fee to turn the water back on.

Will my billing stop for the winter?
No, as long as the meter is at the house you will receive a quarterly service availability charge based on the size of the meter. This is usually between $18.23 and $24.78 for a residential home.