Daily COVID-19 Update from CEO Jeff Szabo - April 21, 2020

To all Employees:

Below is the latest information regarding COVID-19 as it relates to our employees and workplace. Donna Mancuso will continue to provide details of specific situations via email to employees of any department or office impacted either directly or indirectly by the COVID-19 virus.

Below is a snapshot of where we stand. As you can see, more employees are being cleared to return to work every day:


Employees Positive or Presumed Positive for COVID-19 and Currently in Mandatory Isolation:    12                                                       

Employees Currently in Precautionary Quarantine:    21

Employees Formerly Positive or Presumed Positive Cleared to Return to Work:    9

Employees Formerly in Precautionary Quarantine Cleared to Return to Work:    43

Please note that precautionary quarantine refers to employees who have not tested positive, but have been in close or proximate contact with someone who has, and are thus being directed to quarantine out of an abundance of caution.

Thank you for all your efforts work to keep our workplace safe and our water flowing to our customers. Please continue to practice all measures recommended to help protect the safety of all SCWA employees and the general public—maintaining at least a six-foot physical distance between yourself and others whenever possible; washing your hands frequently with soap and warm water and/or using hand sanitizer; wiping down all shared surfaces with disinfectant; and refraining from touching your face.  Please remember, if you don’t feel well STAY HOME.

If you have any questions of a general nature pertaining to COVID-19 and SCWA protocol that you would like answered either directly or in an all employee bulletin, please email Tim Motz at tim.motz@scwa.com. Workplace safety-related inquiries should be directed to Nicholas Swain at nicholas.swain@scwa.com. Please contact Donna Mancuso at donna.mancuso@scwa.com with any questions concerning COVID-19 and the workplace.