On March 21, 2023, at 3 pm prevailing time, the Suffolk County Water Authority will hold a Public Hearing at 4060 Sunrise Highway, Oakdale New York and via Zoom technology to receive public comments on the creation of a new surcharge area in Oakleyville, Fire Island, New York. 

The following tax parcels are included in the proposed surcharge area: 200-985.90-3-1, 200-985.90-3-2, 200-985.90-3-3, 200-985.90-3-4, 200-985.90-3-5, 200-985.90-4-2.001, 200-985.90-4-3.001, 200-985.90-4-4, 200-985.90-4-5.001, and 200-986-1-1.001.  Click here to view parcels.

The fixed surcharge amount of $5,876.00 will be the cost per parcel to connect to the newly installed water main.  To receive public water, the surcharge must be paid as do the other costs described below.

The surcharge covers the cost for the water main extension and does not include tap fees required to receive SCWA water service.  Water service will not be provided to a parcel in the area unless the surcharge is paid for as well as the tap.  A customer may finance a portion of the surcharge and tap fee.  Owners of the affected parcels will also be responsible to pay a licensed plumber to install a service line that will run from your home to the water main.

The SCWA shall receive comments on whether the surcharge should be established.  Anyone wishing to be heard on the proposed surcharge should appear at the hearing and be heard on the same.