The primary responsibility of the LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System) Manager is to oversee all aspects of the daily operation of the LIMS area of the Laboratory including managerial, technical, and project management functions. Responsibilities include the implementation and maintenance of the LIMS and other supporting applications as well as the recommendation and implementation of new technologies/systems needed or advantageous to the Lab. This position reports the statuses of all LIMS related issues to the Laboratory Director and Deputy Laboratory Director on a regular basis.

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Full Time

Laboratory Department



Essential (Primary) Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Oversee all aspects of the daily operation of the LIMS.
  • Ensure that the LIMS system stays up to date.
  • Report LIMS issues with appropriate support logs to LIMS software vendor as needed.
  • Supervise LIMS staff including prioritizing, delegating, reviewing work, and providing technical support as needed.
  • Work with Laboratory managerial and supervisory staff, SCWA personnel in various departments within and outside of the Laboratory, outside agencies, and third-party vendors to improve the Laboratory’s data collection and reporting processes.
  • Perform planning and assist in execution of tasks as needed for LIMS staff and to meet goals assigned by the Laboratory Director.
  • Manage LIMS support, troubleshooting issues, and resource allocation to meet Laboratory’s needs.
  • Make database changes including adding custom tables and fields, mass updates, and table backups and restores as needed.
  • Coordinate refreshing of non-production LIMS databases for testing purposes.
  • Provide training and mentoring to all users as needed to ensure effective implementation and utilization of applications.
  • All other duties as assigned.


Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities: 

  • 5 years programming experience, database experience, project management experience, experience working with enterprise servers, and experience supervising the operation and maintenance of a LIMS system required; SQL and SSMS experience preferred.
  • A.S. Degree in Computer Science or 10 years relevant work experience required, Bachelor’s Degree preferred.
  • Extensive knowledge of drinking water laboratory operations and regulations; and federal and state drinking water quality regulations.
  • Extensive knowledge of programming languages, databases, development software tools for projects and reports, and IT infrastructure and applications.
  • Leadership, supervisory, organizational, written, and verbal communication skills are necessary.
  • The ability to perform technical analyses of computer information is needed.
  • The ability to multitask, make sound decisions, and work well with others is essential.


Interested candidates should submit their application and resume, including salary requirements via the SCWA website ( and select “Career Opportunities”. Suffolk County residency is highly preferred. Salary for this position will be commensurate with education and experience within a range of $105-120K.


(The Authority shall not employ relatives of employees as defined to mean an employee's spouse, child, stepchild, stepparent or direct descendant of grandparents of the employee as defined in the New York State General Municipal Law 810.)