SCWA is in the process of deploying an automated meter reading (AMR) program across Suffolk County. This safe, secure, and efficient system provides accurate meter readings at the lowest reading cost.

AMR wirelessly reads customer meters and then transfers the data into our secure billing system. One AMR equipped meter reading vehicle will replace many traditional vehicles. Reduced meter reading vehicles reduces our consumption of fuel and the SCWA’s environmental impact.

This simple process will reduce the need for meter readers to manually obtain meter readings. It will also reduce the need for estimated readings for "hard-to-access" accounts. Billing on actual consumption means less headaches for our customers. By implementing AMR, SCWA is poised to enhance customer service and control meter reading costs; keeping our rates among the lowest in the nation.

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Below are some helpful pages explaining how the AMR project works:

Automated Meter Reading Questions

Questions & Answers

What is AMR?

AMR stands for Automated Meter Reading (sometimes referred to as Mobile Automated Meter Reading). It is a method of using communication technology to read meters without having to access a customer's property.

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How does it work?

There are several ways to read a water meter remotely. We've chosen a system that uses a small radio transmitter in the meter. That reading will then be sent via the transmitter to a receiver in a vehicle that’s being driven through your neighborhood.

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How does AMR benefit customers?

  • Improved customer service.
  • Minimized need to access customer property to read meters.
  • No need for customers to read water meters because of access issues.
  • Reduction in estimated bills.
  • Reduction in operational costs, thereby allowing Suffolk County Water Authority to keep your water rates well below the national average.
  • Better for the environment by having fewer vehicles in your neighborhood for a shorter period of time.

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Is this new system really needed?

Suffolk County Water Authority strives to provide the best possible customer service, high reliability and low rates. AMR will help us achieve these goals.

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Is my account information secure?

Yes, only meter consumption readings, meter and module numbers are transmitted. Personal customer information is not loaded into the transmitter and therefore will not be transmitted.

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How will I know that you have my reading and not someone else’s?

Each radio frequency device has a unique identification number, which is transmitted along with the meter reading. The unique number is compared to your account record to ensure a match.

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Will the radio frequency interfere with my television or phones?

No, the AMR frequency is very different and will not interfere.

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Are there health concerns about this type of transmitter?

No, the AMR transmitter falls into the low frequency, non-ionizing electromagnetic field range. The power output is approximately 10 milliwatts (one thousandth of one watt).

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