Frequently asked questions about the Water Wise Club. 


        1) What is the Water Wise Club?

The Water Wise Club is a water conservation-oriented initiative that offers residents served by the Suffolk County Water Authority the opportunity to apply for an account credit of up $50 per account for the purchase of low-flow showerheads and faucet fixtures and/or a rain sensor for lawn watering systems. Club members also have access to a web page at that offers many tips on how to conserve water—and save money—at your home or business.


        2) Why was the Club created?

SCWA created the club to encourage residents in the towns of East Hampton, Southampton and Southold to voluntarily alter their water use habits to conserve our most vital natural resource—the sole source aquifer that provides all of our drinking water. Our underground water supply is plentiful, but that doesn’t mean we should not all adopt habits that make sure this resource is able to continue to supply the water needs of Long Islanders for many generations to come.


        3) What areas can participate?

The program is targeted in the East End towns of East Hampton, Southampton and Southold. SCWA chose this area for the initiative primarily because it is here where peak water usage in spring and summer during early morning hours rises to levels requiring construction of additional water infrastructure to meet demand. It will benefit ratepayers all throughout our service territory if this peak usage on the East End is reduced.


        4) What if people outside the Towns of Southold, East Hampton and Southampton want to participate?

SCWA will honor requests from customers outside the program boundaries who purchase the devices referenced above and would like to seek an account credit under the same terms as East End customers.


        5) When will the program begin and end?

The program officially kicked off on Thursday, May 12, 2016. There is currently no end date for the program.


        6) Where is this information located on the SCWA website?

The direct link for the Water Wise Club is: 


        7) Can I claim an account credit for a rain sensor or low-flow showerhead or faucet I bought several years ago?

The program requires the device to be purchased in calendar year 2016. If the program is continued next year, we will update the requirement to include 2017 at that time.


        8) How do I seek an account credit?

Customers should fill out and mail the Water Wise Club credit form  to 4060 Sunrise Hwy., Oakdale, NY 11769 Attn: Water Wise Club Credit. It will take approximately four to six weeks for credits to be posted to your SCWA Account.


        9) How much of a credit will I receive?

The credit is determined based on the type of device purchased. If you purchase a rain sensor, you will receive a credit of up to $50 (not to exceed the purchase price). For low-flow showerheads and faucet fixtures, you will receive a credit of up to $10 (not to exceed the purchase price). You may purchase multiple devices, however, there is a maximum credit of $50 per account.


        10) Can I just get a rebate check instead?

SCWA will not be issuing refund checks as part of this program, just credits to a customer’s account.


      11) Can I sign up if I don’t have a computer?

Yes. Call the Water Wise Club dedicated phone line at (631)292-6100. 

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